CC Reporter MIA - Remaining rangers forced to group with paladins
Eliocus - December 4th, 2006

Hey everyone. I think Malu retired to play Hello Kitty Island Adventures or something as he's slacking more than usual, so I'm going to attempt to write this long overdue update. Hopefully I'll be able to write them more often if I get the job, so feel free to check if there's an update more than once a month.

Before anything, I'd like to remind anyone interested in joining Caer Cadarn to check out the recruitment page, we still have room for quality players looking for a high-end raiding guild in a focused but friendly and relaxed environment.

Now, to the update part. A lot has been destroyed by Caer Cadarn since the last update, mainly in Demiplane and PoR but some minor stuff in TSS as well.

I had already finished the update and was ready to post it when something inevitable happened. After a day and a half of raids focusing only on Sullon Zek, we attempted her one last time before heading out. After a smooth fight (the dead tanks might disagree though) we proved that the Mistress of Rage is no match for Caer Cadarn.

What's Caer Cadarn been up to apart from killing Sullon? Deaths in chronological order:

After several months without really trying Suchun we went back and said hello. By the way we perfomed it really looked like we had been practising this fight for ages, but we owned him and his two minions easily. No screenshots as someone slacked! *cough*

After that we focused on the one event that kept us from visiting Mayong, the Perfomer in Demiplane. After a few attempts and lots of zone crashes, we managed to free the EQ version of the Backstreet Boys from the evil curse.

As we ran out of our usual targets we decided to check out Sullon Zek's home, Razorthorn. After wiping once to Ghost we got our shit together, ensured everyone was ready thanks to enhanced AFK checks and executed him perfectly. The proof:

After Ghost we decided to try Snowtail, but midfight the zone crashed due to Sony's awesome coding.

We also hit Theatre of Blood to farm some pages and nice loots, and added Anastacia, The Thought Drinker to our list of guild firsts. I got no screenshots of Anastacia as I slacked again, so you'll have to take my word for it.

We went back to Razorthorn and after killing Ghost again we decided to try Snowtail. For the first real attempt at the doggy it went pretty well, we killed him after a fun and somewhat chaotic fight. I forgot to take a screenshot so I'll use the image above again:

Right now we're still plowing all of Demiplane except Mayong (who will fall soon) and occasionally ripping ToB apart, but after doing a couple Daosheen, Suchun and Sullon Zek hits we're also going to focus on Deathknell.

And finally, to compensate the lack of quotes last update, here's lots of them!

Some things just never change... certain twinks will always suck!

-by Uberheal

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