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Caer Cadarn is a European EverQuest guild on the Maelin server.

If you are interested in joining Caer Cadarn, read on. We are always willing to consider applications from great players of any class who are motivated to raid the end-game in Everquest.

Application Requirements: Guild Information:
How to apply

The several phases prior to full membership:

1) Egg: submit an application
2) Larva (Humdapoky member): spend time raiding in our application guild (the average time is about 4-8 weeks for a perfect applicant)
3) Pupa (Trial Caer Cadarn member): raid with us, our Vashir smell your spore (again, this takes a while even for perfect applicants)
4) Butterfly (Full Caer Cadarn member): we all welcome you with inappropriate mouth kisses.

Application Form
Full character name:  
Character Profile: Either a Magelo ID or a link to a profile.
AA points: The number of alternate advancement points you have.
About yourself: Write a description about yourself, past guilds, previous raiding experience and why you want to join Caer Cadarn.
Flags and keys: List all important flags and keys you have.
  Monocle of Blood
  Theater of Blood
  Dreadspire Keep
Tradeskills: List all tradeskills over 250.
  Smithing (260)
  Tailoring (300)
Connection type: Example 1: 2.5mbit ADSL
Example 2: 9600 baud modem
Country - state: Where are you from?
Your Timezone - Playtimes: Please write playing times in CET (GMT+1). Example: 5pm CET to 1am CET
Discuss: Discuss in one paragraph why AJ (backstreet boys) is superior to Abs (5ive).
Check all that apply: I have molested bears.
I'm french.
I have been/am in jail.
I'm a mangina.
I'm banned from the druids grove.
I like the backstreet boys.
I'm a server transfer.
I spoke with an officer before transferring. (Server transfers only)
Name the members of the A-team:  
MacGyvers first name is:  
Your email address: No, we won't sign you up for spam lists.
However, Piotr will send you his monthly Backstreet Boys Fan Club newsletter!
Submit application   

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